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Hope of Shané: Frost Progress

I’m making some progress again towards Hope of Shané: Frost at last.

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Back Again From Oblivion! Shane’s First April Post!

Hi all! I’m finally back from my long disappearance of doom and gloom and room and bloom and boom and loom and zoom… and random, as usual :P

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Shane uses Frost Release Technique!

Released the mod on my birthday :3


Don’t know what the responses are yet, though, but regardless, I’ll start work on version 0.2 tomorrow. I am supposed to take a day off on my birthday, right? :P

Frostember and Toxinspark the 68th

Progress enough to release Hope of Shané tomorrow!



… Also, it’ll have a few unexpected things in it, due to tomorrow being my birthday :3

X = FEST + you

Haven’t worked much on Hope of Shané, either due to forgetting, or due to my father playing Age of Empires III.

But know this: I will work on it and release it as soon as possible. Well, Frost, anyway. :P


Also, “FEST” stands for “Frost, Ember, Spark, Toxin”. And those are the four versions. Yes, four.

Frost Ember Spark Toxin – 66m

Had some backups of all my projects that isn’t an RPG, so I guess I’m still gonna mod.


Anywho, began work on the Frost boss a few days ago. A Gaudi resprite which has a name of Coolio (thanks, Wayne!) and uses Balrog the toaster’s fighting style – but HE IS NOT A TOASTER! :P


As for Ember’s boss and Spark’s boss, I don’t know what they will be yet, because I’m only working on Frost for now.

Death of the Projects

My stupid father deleted every video game on the computer except for Age of Empires 3 – in other words, I can’t play Terraria anymore… and neither can I work on any Cave Story mods. Which means that Hope of Shané and Rhue’s Journey (a story-thing I was going to work on) are unreleased forever, and now everything is gone. All the ORGs for the mods as well, and as I can’t download them from the threads in the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums…

In other words, as a result, ALL my mods are cancelled. If anyone has a problem with it, deal with it.

This also means that my forums (well, my first one) has lost its purpose… and that it’s actually redundant that I’m posting this here as well.

I’ll be leaving to vent my anger on something, seeing as I now have nothing to do.

Hold it Sparky

Thanks to somebody from TV Tropes, the third version of Hope of Shané will be known as “Spark”.


I plan to have differences depending on the version, but the third version is… going to be a bit hard though. You can check the thread that I’m linking to, and see what I mean.

63rd Frostember

Wayne the Mixolf has guessed the name of the character who saves Shané, correctly: the Purple Karjam. While the bosses are still unknown at the time I’m writing this, they’ll be near their versions’ Caverns.


Anyway, any progress, see the Planning Forums. :P

A Heroine! Her name is Shané!

KarjamP has guessed the heroine’s name correctly: it’s Shané.

Shané Lambrechts, to be exact: in The Battle at the Battle forums, that is the name of a cousin of mine (I don’t know if I really do have such a cousin).


What I will say: the Ice Gun is created for Frost now.

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